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    Fidget. Rings

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    These Fidget Rings will bring you hours of fun, can strengthen your motor skills, and calm your nerves. Become a pro in the new fidget trend of 2020!

    Perfect for children of all ages! Get an extra set for yourself - once your children get their hands on the Fidget Rings, they won't want to share!

    Fidget rings rotate in all directions and present an infinite number of different tricks, games, and challenges. We could say, that this toy is better than any other fidget game so far.

    Explore over 100 new tricks: 


    “My kids won't stop playing with these, they stopped watching the TV completely! Even got a set for me and my husband so we can play the games that require multiple games on family occasions.” -Emily, California, USA


    Let your child explore the infinite world of new tricks and games! Countless parents reported Fidget Rings lowered their kids' screen time dramatically! 

    Fidget Rings use the energy of the magnetic field for its rotation. The rings are made out of durable and quality plastic. They are finely polished to fit your fingers and allow a faster and smoother rotation.

    trick stress fun

    The Fidget Rings will not only improve your hand skills but also can calm the nerves and improve dexterity. Fidget Rings can also help calm and soothe people with autism and other developmental disabilities.



    • Boosts creativity
    • Relieves stress
    • Strengthens the muscles of the forearm
    • Encourages competition
    • Increases motor skills
    • It can help relieve the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis
    • Helps to soothe people with autism
    • Suitable for ages 5 - 99



      Do you dare to upgrade Fidget Rings and do tricks with 6 rings? Maybe 12? We challenge you to find new tricks and post them on Instagram!

      The Fidget Rings can also increase the blood flow and relax your hand muscles. Thousands of points in our hands affect our well being, when if cramped - cause headaches and similar types of problems. These Fidget Rings can alleviate these issues and ease your tension quickly and effectively.

      When at home with a partner, friends, or alone - put together a few Fidget Rings and figure out a new trick, create a new board game, air hockey, football, outbreak, or anything you can think of!



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      Fidget. Rings

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