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  • Free Shipping! Limited Time Discounts Until Stock Lasts!

SiliSticks - Free Today!


SiliSticks - Free Today!


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“The suction giraffe toy is a lifesaver at mealtime. Its secure attachment keeps my child entertained and makes feeding a breeze. The adorable design and safe materials make it a top pick for parents.”

- Review from our customer Erica 

4 Pack Combo - FREE SHIPPING!
4 Pack Combo - FREE SHIPPING!

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Encourages Independent Play

Enhances Learning Experience

Enhances Playtime Joy

Versatile Play Locations

Why Buy SNS SiliSticks?

StarShine Cub

Mealtime Convenience

Sensory Development

Engaging Design

Thoughtful Gift Option

Promotes Fine Motor Skills

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Unleash Kids' Creativity with Fun SiliSticks Building!

Welcome to the world of SiliSticks, where imagination knows no bounds! These incredible suction toys are here to provide endless hours of entertainment, learning, and creative exploration for children and teens alike.

Children's Product Certificate (CPC)

Non-toxic, VOC-free & certified safe paint

BPA-, styrene- and phthalate-free plastics

Change The Aesthetics Of Your Room!

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We are a company that focuses on selling products that will solve your problem. We aim to make a good name amongst the community and keep bringing good products. Thus, we are offering new products for free and you only have to pay shipping (plus handling costs).


Our product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product is defective. Send it back to us for a full refund following our Refund Policy. The return is invalid if the faults are caused by incorrect use or failure to respect the cleaning and care instructions.

“I can say that he hasn’t gotten bored of it yet!”


“I didn't want to go overboard with toys for my little one since they really don't need much so this was a great purchase. My boy has been using the sticks for a few weeks now and I can say that he hasn’t gotten bored of it yet! He loves playing with it, making fun figures with it. I even take it with me to office where my boy keeps himself busy with it for hours."

Helena Strauss

California, USA

4.9/5 based on 239 reviews